Sunday, July 09, 2006

Addicted to Aaakash Vani

Note to self: Road rage is bad for health.

I listen to AIR AakashVani and AIR FM Rainbow all the time. I guess I am addiceted to the kind of music they play. It is kannada music most of the time and I simply love them. They play all kinds of songs which I have never heard before. Some of the most recent ones I loved were
  • Chandri ne chanda chanda -- Movie : No clue
  • Hubli Holige yanta hudugi -- Movie : No Clue
And a lot more songs, the titles of which, I cannot even recollect. But amazing music. I am sure AIR can make a lots of money if they start selling songs like iTunes.
BTW, if any of you have any of the above songs, or if any of you know which movie these belong to, please ping me.

One more Note to Self: Malayalam songs are sometimes good.

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