Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun with DTH

Note to self: There is nothing good playing on TV when you are terribly bored.

Okay, two articles per day is a bit too much, but not way too much, considering how jobless I was today. So, as ususal, I was a bit bored in the afternoon, but the darn cable guy had nulled the signal. Ultimately jobless, I switched on the DTH, and god it was fun.
I watched DD bangla, DD North East and some punjabi chanels. The reason I cannot name the punjabi channels is that they all look the same with wierd people singing similar sounding songs in annoyingly similar attires.
DD Bangla was fun. There was a woman singing for the tunes of her harmonium accompanied by a tabala and a keyboard. Whats so funnu about this? Well the song was in bangla and I could not understand a word. The woman was singing at a tempo of 90 while the tabla guy ripped towards insanity like a heavy metal drummer at tempo of 212.
Then came DD north east and the punjabi singers. I cannot explain this.. You have to watch it to enjoy.

One more Note to self: When there is nothing good playing on TV, switch the DTH on!

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