Saturday, July 22, 2006

Welcome back, Sanity

Note to self: it idu, but aadare, what yenu son magane?

Today, I formally declare that I am normal.

for more than 6 months now, I am stuck in trans-dimentional trap.
I am trying to come out of it, but staying there feels so good.

So, what made me come out? I realized the dimention was not open for me. All my efforts, whatsover, howmuchever (Is there a word like this? if not, YES!! I invented a word!) I apply, I found it to be an absolute waste.

Why cant you understand?
Is it so difficult?

Why cant to see the depth?
Is it a chasm?

Why cant you co-relate?
Is it a disjoint set?

Why cant you give it a chance?
Is it unclear?

Why cant you synchronize?
Is the training not enough?

Why cant you understand?
Why cant you understand?
Why cant you understand?

BTW, if you are wondering what I just did, and What I broke free from, I have decided to shred all non-UNIX based operating systems from my hard disk and run only GNU/LINUX and FreeBSD.

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