Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Punt of the first order..

Proving the Poincare conjecture in one thing. But, refusing the Fields Medal is something different. I heard someone say that Dr Perelman stays with his mother, and likes that a lot. Someone else who heard this jokingly said "Maybe, only his mother can stand him".

This brings out so many things about life.

1. ``Mother/Father/Family members are the only people who are always there for you.'' No one bothers about any person until he is famous, but I am sure parents always worry about their children. At times of distress, you can somehow see only your parents and well wishers. The rest simply seem to rest in peace.

2. It maybe sad, but it is true that geeks and people of the genius kind are generally left alone by the society. That is actually really good for them, because they can think about what they have to think and leave the society to have fun during their parties. No one actually tries to understand that the genius is also Human.

Note to self: Convolution is simple.

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Abhijit said...

Aha.. LaTeX quotes :)