Sunday, August 20, 2006

The worst 'pani puri' outlet..

If you thought it was in mid Sibera, no.
Or somewhere in North America, no.
Maybe the outlet at the apex of the Bermuda Triangle serves stale 'pani puris' because not many people who actually want to 'Live' go there and those who are there are there to die and it does not matter much for them if the 'pani puri' is stale or not.
So, where is this outlet?
Right next to MSRIT. The 'Snackers Er.. whatever' joint. My god! only he can serve things claiming to be 'pani puri' which tastes so bad that people tend to think it is healthy food. I dont know why people flock around that place. phurr!!

Note to self: Maga, dont worry about anything. Remember! you have the freedom to be happy. Stay happy.

Hi Abhijit*, Thanks for visiting the blog. again.
*Abhijit of one of the very few people who actually visit this blog.

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Abhijit Pai said...

Either you are a genius and somehow figured out I was visiting your blog so often, or I told you; the former being more likely.