Thursday, September 14, 2006

Heard of BPH?

Well, he is a lecturer from MSRIT. I had heard that he is a very principled man who still firmly believes in Gandhian values. This video I found on Google videos prooves a point. Watch it.

I dont know why people behind him are laughing. Maybe because the guy is taking a video without his knowledge, but the shloka he is reciting has such good meaning. It goes something like
Let everyone be happy..
Let everyone be peaceful and satisfied..
I whole heartedly appriciate this spirit. ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^

Note to self: We can do it. Confidence is the key. do not waste any more time waiting in free ice cream queues.

*entry++:``ice-creams, free ice creams ;)''

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Prabhu Infant said...

Thank you for your appreciation. I was just fortunate. I have this video since long, great that it came in google video. Apparently he is regarded to be very cruel.Regarding switching to beta, I had tried it long back, just couldn't figure out as of how to do it...