Saturday, September 02, 2006

Infinite Insignificance of Identity

Some people argue that the univesre began with a big bang and it is expanding even now. Assuming this to be true, some deep philosophical significance has been unerthed just yesterday.
It is called,

Infinite Insignificance of Identity
We have always known that a human being is a speck in a speck in this infinite universe. assumnig the universe is ever expanding, we can proove that the significance of any speck or body of matter or anti matter, tends to zero.

Total surface area of the body
theta = -------------------------------------------
Total surface area of the universe

According to the big bang theory, the denominator is tending to infinity. Thus, the significance of any body
is tending to zero!!

Note to self: The evening is beautiful! ;)

This is a day to remember. Lappie!! I love you :)

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