Friday, September 22, 2006

Road trip fun

So, my friends in Bangalore had apparently been on a road trip to goa. And while nearing a place called haLebidu, this is what the guys did for fun.

1. Spot a guy standing in some bus stop
2. Slow down the van near him and shout ``haLebidu, haLebidu..''.
(The guy will think the van is going to haLebidu and that it is a taxi.)
4. Go up to 100mts away from the guy and stop the van there and wait for the guy to run to the van.
5. When the man is just near the van, zoom away and watch the man spit fire.

This idea was apparently thought of by our one and only ``Mundesh''

While discussing this my friend wanted to have some fun. I have a roomie, who is extremely mild. I told my friend that people use his spoons and throw it in the sink (definitely not me). So, he gets upset. My friend came up with this brilliant idea to actually wake the guy up from his sleep and ask him which of the spoons in the sink belonged to him and throw it into the bin just to see him freak out. At this point, I was convinced that my friend was drunk and sent him off to watch a cricket match. (coz, cricket matches at the terribly slow pace they run, tend to pacify any arbitrarily high person).

Before going, we tried to imagine what would actually happen if this guy really got wild and take the spoons, tie them together with vinyl coated Teflon fiber and rap the heck out of us by tying us onto a tree and whipping us with the spoon chain.

We laughed continuously for 31 minutes.

note to self: Confidence maga, confidence.

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