Saturday, October 21, 2006

Many arbit topics in one neat[?] package

Lots of things to write about, but not too much time I have, so let me not waste anymore time trying to describe why I dont have time and get to business.

\section{Gazzag!! What the heck?}
After receiveing over 100 invites to joining this ``Social Networking'' site, I went to see what the site was all about. As soon as you join, it will ask you for your gmail, Yahoo and hotmail etc account user names and passwords! And people actually end up giving it!!
Those of you who are planning to do such things on the web, please take note of the day when the site, to which you gave your password goes down and then you realize that they had been loogin passwords all along!
Paranoia is a basic necessity in order to gain internet privacy.

Note to self: Dont panic.

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