Sunday, October 08, 2006

Party time.. In our way

I have a midterm exam day after tomorrow, but some things cannot wait. Like this one.

IGSA: Indian Graduate Students Association of SUNY SB had a ``Freshers Party'' today. So after much deliberation, I decided to go there at dinner time. I got into my usual casual wear. Could not find my comb, so did not comb my hair and left with a neatly dressed and over enthusiastic friend of mine who was brimming with hopes of impressing ``desi babes''. I could not find my razor either, so went unshaven.

Scene 1:
Me and 5 other local BengalUru boys. I met them only today. So this is the first time I had a conversation in decent "our" Kannada in a long time.
We all enterd the place to see that the food was not yet ready. So we all sit to listen to the speech on stage. That was over and people suddenly started coming on stage in the pretense of performing. So, a girl came up on stage.

My friend 1: Maga ivaLu chennagi hadu heLtaLe alva?
My friend 2: Chennagilla maga ivaLu nodakke.
me: !!
My friend 1: hadu henge hadthaLo andre chennagilla anthyalla maga?
My friend 2: hadu yarige beku maga, avaLu chennagidre saku.

I felt right at home when they made comments like
``Maga, ivaLu chennagidale, whistle hodi''
``Maga, baggisi hodiyo avanige'', (when a guy was singing some hindi song incessantly)
``yaru siva ivanu, meduLige kai haakthane!!'', (as usual when a guy spoke for too long)
''Ayyo, sumne mugso saku. oota maadbeku''

I also ended up doing tapangochi for a disco track. Which is what we usually do in our addas.

I forgot to tell you about the party.. well boring and cliched. That says it all.
Lot more to type, but mid term commeth.
Note to self: Realisation Required.

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