Saturday, October 28, 2006

Second law of themodynamics, applied to my room

We all know the second law of thermodynamics.
Heat cannot of itself pass from a colder to a hotter body.

Or stated as
The entropy of an isolated system not at equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value.

My room, which is an isolated system( no external energy flows into the room and no energy flows out), perfectly obeys the second law of thermodynamics. It always tends to reach equilibrium by increasing its entropy. Increase in entropy is always increase in chaos.
So, in particular,
My room cannot of itself pass from being dirty to clean.
There needs to be a system which does work, to make this transition.

Unfortunately, the system which does work has to be me.
It would have been so good if the cleaning inspectros here knew this law, for they cannot undestand when I tell them that it is the nature of my room to become chaotic and there is no point in cleaning it because it will anyway attain equilibrium again. They failed me and gave me a "verbal warning" in the form of a letter, which threatened to throw me out.
This time around, I put in a painful 4.5 hours of work into the "system" to make it attain the transition. And I passed the inspection. Phew!

Note to self: Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals.
Yoohoo! yogamaya is up.
Food tastes good when cooked at 12:13 am
Home made honey laced iced lemon tea creates a very low pressure area.

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