Saturday, November 25, 2006

Coffee Day

Thanksgiving. The dudes here had arranged a bus to "Tanger Mall".
Woke up to realise that the bus starts in 15 mins.
Rushed to the bus stop, the bus did not start for 20 more mins.
Did not have breakfast, took bread and ate in the bus.
Wait a minute, how is this related to the topic?
12:22pm Got down from the bus, had a large coffee in McDonald's. (empty stomach)
3:00pm Could not find decent lunch, went to Starbucks, asked for a small coffee, but the waitress messed up our order and to compensate, she upgraded the size to Large.
5:12pm Somehow the bus never gets late when we want it to. The return bus ( scheduled to leave at 5:00) had left (at 5:10pm) before we could reach the bus stop.
6:01pm One more large coffee because we could not find anything else that could be called vegetarian food.
8:30 Back home. Head ache. Imol (yeah, my other favourite)
2Liters of coffee + 1 Imol = Wide awake at 1:30 am in the morning. No sleeping for the next 24 hours [:)]

Note to self: oodo.

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