Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Killing Beauty

As usual, I was walking along the lonely corridors of our department. I was terribly hungry, so I was frantically stuffing a bun into my mouth. I was drinking water along with it to assist me in chewing the dry bun. ( I am used to bun and half-tea :P )
Suddenly, like lightning in clear sky, this really pretty girl( I've met her before) walked into me and all hell broke loose.
I wanted to smile at her, but I was chocking on a piece of bun. I tried to forcibly clear it, and the water I was drinking came out of my nose. That, gave me a feeling of nausea and I almost tripped and fell. I dropped the water bottle and tossed the bun into air. Goodness gracious, the bottle was empty and I caught the bun.

If this had happened on the stairs, the previous post wold have been my last post :).
ftr: it was ssk
Note to self: sako. sako, sako!

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