Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shopping Hazard

42nd post!
First of all, I found this video on youtube. This is the song, which, according to my parents, I have played a million times over and over again. They actually told me that they once had to hide the cassette to just get me to forget about the song and listen to something else.I truly love this song. It feels so good to listen to the song I grew up with... Dance Dance!

Coming to the topic,
So, we went shopping today. We reached a place called the Fashion Bug. We saw a board outside the mall which said, "50% discount from 8am to 11 am". We realized it was just 10:50, so we ran into the store and bounced back outside within the next nanosecond. Any guesses why? well, it was a womens only store and as soon as we entered the store, we had a bunch of women holding arbit clothes (*evil laugh*) in their hands and staring at us as if they were ready to pull the trigger.
Darn! Only if we had girlfriends....

note to self: Fanfare saaku. Oodko.

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