Friday, January 19, 2007

Alien Invasion

Today, at 12:52 in the morning, we faced an alien invasion. They seemed to have carried exuberant, over-funded research to figure out a novel way to invade earth.

They abducted our laundry manager and used the washing machines to produce horrendous screeching sounds, depriving our neighbors of their sleep. Thus all of them were weak in the morning and could not take on the aliens. Further, they stole all our coins, so we could not operate washing machines anywhere. Thus, no one had clean clothes and no one wanted to wear old clothes. There was almost no resistance. ALMOST.

I did not worry too much about the invasion until this happened.
at 12:55:34 am, they took over my favorite Kannada radio channel and started playing Telugu music. This is when I realized they were of Telugu origin. They were ringing my door bell but when I answered the door, no one was around. This was when I realized they were invisible.

But, Little did the aliens know that I don't sleep till 4 and wear Jeans pants. They did not expect me to be unaffected by Telugu music and be used to the screeches and beeps of the washing machine. Basically, they did not expect me to have come from a dormitory.

I immediately jumped into action. I played "mitwaaaa" from some pathetic Kran Johar movie, which put the aliens to sleep on the snow. This left marks on the snow, showing me where they were. I ran and fixed the radio station to play Kannada music again.

I threw water on them and woke them up. I managed to play the video of "mitwaa" in front of the aliens. They saw shah ruk khan and the _whatever_ mukerji and exploded. This created coin showers as the aliens had swallowed all coins.

Another day saved. Phew!

-- The end

ps: I am immune to "mitwaa" song thanks to my room mates.
CAUTION: use the "mitwaa" weapon with caution. It may permanently damage your brain.

note to self: beda. dont do it.

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