Friday, February 09, 2007

Heat Seeking Glass Fish Missiles

When people tell you nicely that the weather is bad, you need to listen. But, If you refuse and insist that you are a man of steel and venture out without wearing warm clothing, within a short duration of time, you will realise that you indeed are a man of steel. As in, every part of the body including your brain is made of steel, stopping it from "thinking".
Since we are the rebel headed, self proclaimed "men of steel", even after repeated lessons, we refuse to learn and head out wearing a thin coat at sub-zero temperatures. We become literal heat seeking missiles running like crazy in pursuit of the closest heated building. We stick to the glass walls of bus-stops like a glass fish just to escape the winds. Our ears feel as though its begin pierced by thousand pins and most parts of our body freeze. Still we refuse to budge, and run out saying
"We are men of steel!!".

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