Friday, February 16, 2007

How to kill -9 an undying obsession.

Yesterday, me and my friend had a small argument about which parts of the brain are involved when someone is obsessed in love. Since we were not sure, we climbed on to the tallest peak to consult a local guru. He re-directed us to google, google took us to Wikipedia. And after three hours of fascinated clciking on wikipedia and google, I reached a site, which was discussing a guy's love failure. The people there were pretty much derailed.

This Love failure struck guy is saying something like:
The biggest love of my life said no. She actually said she will hit me with chappals. I am alone. I feel like dying.
And a guy replies:
Look at the trees they say good luck bye bye when u look at them all the times, coz they love you

The dude is crying he has no GF and this dude is derailing him further by asking him to love the trees!! This is surely not a way to handle an obsession.

Well, how to get rid an obsession then?
It is rather simple, the method is derived from this kannada joke: Once a guy went to a doctor complaining of chest pain because he coughed a lot. The doctor suggested a rama-baNa of sorts medicine to him. He simply said,
"If you feel like coughing, don't cough"

Similarly, when you get thoughts about your undying obsession, just refuse to think about it!

kill -9 *obsession*
Refuse, Resist, Persist!

Update: Feb 20, 2007
*Multiple sources have confirmed that the above method works!

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