Monday, February 12, 2007

Teleportation over modern computer netwroks

Teleporting works like this:
  1. Take a dude who wants to desperately travel at the speed of light
  2. Split him into atomic/sub-atomic parts
  3. Convert these to electric signals
  4. Send it to the destination over some Network
  5. At the destination: Reconstruct the dude by converting the electric signals to atomic parts and reassembling them.
Ever wondered what would happen if we implemented teleportation on "modern computer networks" like TCP/IP or UDP?

Well, lets take this dude below and teleport him. Using different networking protocols and see what happens.
First, on TCP over IP.
Happened because of
  • Timed out packets and
  • Lost packets
now, UDP over IP

The dude looks so beautiful because of
  • Out of order packet delivery
  • Packet loss
Now, lets assume the Routing Information Protocol(RIP) fails en-route to the destination. What will happen to our dear teleported dude?

The headstone ought to say "R.I.P" :)


nanda said...

this was awesome !.. all your posts are good..

i didnt like only one.. the review of jodhaa akbar
[everthing abt the movie is crap, agree, EXCEPT the music!!]

Devadutta D Ghat said...

@nanda: Thanks!

Music from that movie is ok. Not on par with other ARR compositions.. :)