Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to original fire power!

Today, I equaled the weight lifting record I had set while I was in Bengalooru. I went ballistic to pick up 22kgs dumbbells for biceps, chest, lats and shoulders. Without support! It feels so good to be back to my original fire power. It is one of those unexplainable joys.

It is like the joy of getting your code to compile and run perfectly on first shot.

It is like the feeling of joy you get when you see a BTS (BMTC, for the new school) bus in the outskirts of Bengalooru after a painful 18hour journey in a KSRTC bus ( you know you are very close to home, when you see a BTS bus :) )

It is like one of those infinitely many small things that bring you joy. I cannot put it in words, for the joy of lifting weights is unique. The pain induced in the body by lifting weights is something one can enjoy. Seriously.. try it to believe it.

Current Favourite Kannada Music track: Sala madiaadru tppa thinnu -- Duniya [You need Real Player to play that song]

Current Favourite English Music Track: Somebody to love -- Jefferson Airplane

1 comment:

purnateja said...

soooper art work ma.....
and lifting 22kgs again.... its like the "return of the dragon"