Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Converting cooking bugs to features.

We have all heard a gazillion people say "One man's food is another man's poison". Since this does not sound good in the context of this entry, I have modified it to

One man's bug can be another man's feature.
Being a great cook is not about getting that magic sequence of precise proportions of infinitely many ingredients to blend into a heavenly concoction which tastes perfect. It is more about being dynamic. We all know dynamic systems outperform static systems on any arbitrary day.. take Tomasulo's dynamic instruction scheduling algorithm.. It beats the heck out of any static in-order issue processor hands down!

Now, how do you make cooking dynamic? By using the following simple methods
  1. Dynamic Scheduling: Don't try to add ingredients in order. Add them when they become available
  2. Register renaming: Always be ready to rename your registers which hold temporary cooking results
Now for a few examples

How I made dosa using the above principles.
1. Prepare dough.
2. Too much water: Rename target to Curd dosa
3. Add curd. Add salt. Too much salt. Add rava. Renaming target to rava dosa.
4. Looks bland. Add chilles and vegetables.
5. Pour on the tavaa. Sticks to tava really hard. Take a video and sell it to fevicol. They will air it with a caption "Lagta hai, Fevicol Ka jodh hai". (has to be done by another thread)
6. Add oil. Exert force. Scrap the contents off. Rename contents to uppit (upma)
7. Enjoy "delicious" Uppittu.

This method, which has successfully worked for the past many months has published amazing results. Here are a few start and end register names.

dosa--->upma, upma--->idli, idli--->ganji, ganji---> vegetable soup, palav ---> palya, palya--->some weird looking uninterpretable strange tasting paste like thing.


hema said...

My mother is proud of you! She says even to this day, she keeps renaming her dosas like you do!!! and now that she told me this, shes in BIG trouble ;)

Last word of Motto of Indian Navy said...

This so resonates with my principles... Maybe Tomasulo was me in my prev birth? Or do we have to fight out as to who was Tomasulo now? And here, let people read this one particularly - http://varun-turlapati.blogspot.com/2009/06/rasam-powders-importance.html for a relevant one.