Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stupid Cooking tips - 4

People ask me why I keep writing about my cooking. They say that they know that my cooking is out of this world and don't understand why I keep describing it to people who live on this planet.
The reason is simple. I believe it is my social, moral and spiritual responsibility to share my knowledge with wannabe cooks who, for whatever reason are planning to cook in the near or far future.

Tip: Keep a list of incompatible substances.

I started using fresh vegetables and I am slowly realizing they are much different from frozen stuff. Some vegetables simply dont go together. Cooking starts with a C, but its relation to programming ends there. It does not come with a compiler which can check if all your casting go together and warn you or even blow up on your with a mocking error. It is too humble (or, tries to cover its lack of compiler support by acting humble) and simply accepts anything you throw in.
So, make a list, save yourself from major taste bud corruptions.

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