Monday, May 14, 2007

ebg13 Grkg nern rapelcgvba Ternfrzbaxrl Fpevcg -- ( rot13 Text area encryption Greasemonkey Script )

Unir lbh orra guvaxvat va (rkprff 13)%26?
Unir lbh unq n znwbe urnqnpur gelvat gb pngpu hc jvgu bgure zbegnyf jub qb abg haqrefgnaq lbhe sbejneqrq naq zbq 26'rq guvaxvat?
Unir lbh orra gur htyl qhpxyvat sbe nyy lbhe yvsr?

Jryy, abg sbe ybat!!

Svanyyl, nsgre lrnef bs fhssrevat, crbcyr jub guvax va rkprff13 pna svanyyl oerngur n fvtu bs eryvrs.

Vafgnyy guvf ternfrzbaxrl fpevcg naq glcr va ebg13 naq pyvpx ba gur r13 ohggba gb pbireg vg gb abezny ratyvfu!
Lbh pna rira cnfgr ratyvfu grkg naq cerff gur r13 ohggba ntnva gb trg ebg13 grkg!

Fyvpx? Vaqrrq.

Purpx bhg gur rknzcyr

Cerff gur zntvp r13 ohggba naq

Urer'f ubj lbh trg vg <-- Gur qbjaybnq ybpngvba naq nyy gur qrgnvyf <-- Zl jrocntr gnyxvat nobhg guvf fpevcg

( lrf, V xabj, gur pehry abezny crbcyr unir znqr gur vagrearg va aba (rkprff 13)%26 )

Reproduced here in normal english for the greater good of the non excess 13 mod 16 thinkers.

Have you been thinking in (excess 13)%26?
Have you had a major headache trying to catch up with other mortals who do not understand your forwarded and mod 26'ed thinking?
Have you been the ugly duckling for all your life?

Well, not for long!!
Finally, after years of suffering, people who think in excess13 can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Install this greasemonkey script and type in rot13 and click on the e13 button to covert it to normal english!

You can even paste english text and press the e13 button again to get rot13 text! Slick? Indeed.

Check out the example Press the magic e13 button and

Here's how you get it <-- The download location and all the details <-- My webpage talking about this script

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