Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shopping cycle

In all these many months I have been shopping, I had never realized that my(our) shopping habits were so radically different from other people.

Our shopping generally happens on Saturdays, when our campus bus takes us to a mall. If we miss the buses on Saturday (10 in all), we can take a bus on Sunday to reach another mall, only this time, you will have to pay almost double for everything because these Sunday malls are for local dudes who own 3 cars and a boat and a mansion in three different locations on this planet. Not really meant for students.
If you were wondering who in the right mind will take the Sunday bus, there is no dearth of lazy people who miss all the 10 buses on sat only to wake up on Sunday morning and realise that they have run out of milk( like me ).

Today, I somehow made it to one of the buses, which had a whole bunch of my batch mates. They had a decent list of things to buy. They went around in pairs, mostly boyfriend-girlfriend kinds, one of them had the list, ticking items as and when they picked it. They knew where to find what and how much it costs. I know this because I heard one of them saying ``this cereal( just add milk to make boosa) was cheaper last week!!''
On the contrary, In the 1 hour I had,
  1. Find a cart
  2. Pick up arbit stuff as and when I see them
  3. Reach the electronics aisle
  4. Get stuck there for 45 mins and buy nothing
  5. Realise I have 10mins left for the return bus, panic, run and get milk and few bakery items
  6. Check out frantically, make it to the bus, crib all the way about not buying food
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 on Sunday
Coming back to what my batch mates had bought, they had it so well organised and planned. Food was aplenty on their carts and along with that, they had brooms, cleaning fluids, all kinds of cosmetics and even fans!!

Me and my friend ( my friend, so obviously, as chaotic as me ) saw all these things and instead of appreciating their organised and disciplined life, guess what both of us uttered in unison...

"These people take their lives too seriously :P"

lappie2 :)

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