Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No bottled water, please.

One of my friends once told me that the secret to his good health and strong immune system was that he travels a lot and at every place he reaches, he drinks a glassful of locally available water. Not treated/bottled water, which most of us do when we travel.
I decided to test this system. On my recent trip to costal Karnataka I drank water, as served by the hotel dudes in every random place I went. namely
  1. Bhadravati
  2. Shimoga
  3. Sagar
  4. Ikkeri ( Idli, Udupi Buns, Tea. The best tasting buns)
  5. Varadanadi janmasthala
  6. SwarNavalli ( I also had something called "Kashaya" for the first time. Nice drink, close to coffee in the kicks it generates )
  7. Sondhe
  8. SahasraLinga ( the Shalmali river water )
  9. Jog falls ( the Sharavati river water )
  10. GokarNa
  11. Karwar ( Also made it a point to taste the Kali river water at its delta )
  12. Kumta ( Best hospitality. The waiter dude took us to the best table in their hotel which had a fan etc, and took good care )
  13. Honnavara
  14. Shimoga ( Went to Meenaxi Bhavan. Awesome tasting food. The taste of paddu and masal dose we ate there is still fresh on my tongue. Vidhyarthi Bhavan of sorts of Shimoga. dont forget to go there in case you are in town. )
Now that I have had so many different kinds of water in a span of 3 days, my immune system should as strong as a 10m thick Titanium wall!! ( If the dude who told me about the "secret to health" was kidding, it will be as weak as a wet tissue paper )

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