Friday, July 20, 2007


Many first times this birthday
  1. Birth"day" lasted for 47.5 hours(Starting from 12:00am IST to 12:00pm PDT) .
  2. Spent most of it alone.
  3. Had to prepare my birthday treat dinner.
  4. Along with many wishes, came in two marriage proposals. Yes, you read it right, marriage proposals. Apparently, some two people who heard my mother say that I had started working, came to her with marriage proposals. Yes, to marry me. My mother who was shocked to hear this, told me that to her eyes, I look like a small boy, but for the world, I have "grown up".
Well, honestly, I dont want to "grow up". I want to be as worry free as a kid. Always.
But, life has its own ways..

if(goodKarma > badKarma)
else if (goodKarma==badKarma)
// What happens here?


Srikanth said...

You're reborn as a programmer, I believe.

Devadutta D Ghat said...

@Srikanth: Is that good, bad or ugly..

Srikanth said...

@Devadutta-soon-to-be-married: That is stasis. There is no hope of good or bad. You just stay as you are. Forever.

Abhijit Pai said...

if (goodKarma==badKarma), you are alive until the balance tips.

BTW, you may want to mention that that program is on cron.yearly.

Prabhu Infant said...

The poster and the guys who wrote the comments, you guys forgot something important!! The girls who were destined to spend their entire life with the reincarnation of an Einstein prototype!!!

Devadutta D Ghat said...

@abhijit: or we can define

[Freq of CPU used to track our lives]

as an integer time unit, and count age in that unit. Of course, we need to handle overflows, otherwise, age goes to negative, which has even deeper philosophical significance :)

Devadutta D Ghat said...

@prabhu infant: You should add that part of code and enlighten us, for you are the one who belongs to the more fortunate bunch of humans who have a girl already! :)