Tuesday, July 10, 2007

TCP Pilgrimage

In any religion, people embark on long journeys to reach a place of immense moral significance to wash off all their sins. They become "free" of all their misdeeds, even if they have spent all their life doing bad things with an intention to do it. I had been to Tahoe and Reno, a bit too late for a TCP pilgrimage. I should have been to Tahoe when I was struggling my head off in the WNL trying to get the "anti-social"* mobile agents to work on TCP networks. Maybe all my "sins" of not coding properly would have been washed away and the code would have worked in a magical blib!

duh!! Always late!!

*Term coined by Srikanth NV

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Srikanth said...

Oh man, I'd almost forgotten that term :-)