Monday, August 27, 2007

Rear brakes are on the left...

Q. What do you get for being nice to a lizard by not running over it?
A. free fall.

Today, I was ripping on my bike and attempted to make a 90degree turn. The turn was executed flawlessly. I had shifted all my weight off the bike to alter the center of gravity and took the turn. I again transferred the weight back and when I was just about stabilizing, I saw a lizard crossing the road. Now, "why the lizard was crossing the road" is a topic of discussion which can get its own theme music and splash screen on some Indian news channel like CNN IBN ( come on, absolutely anything is better that the crap they cover in the name of news..).
Since I am a man of peace and a nature lover, It became my automatic responsibility to not roadkill the lizard. So, I _had_ to break.
Now, what have your elders told you when they thought you how to ride a bike?
  1. Always hold the back break.
  2. _Never_ apply only the front break. _Never_
Since this has been etched into my mind using permanent ink, I applied _only_ the rear brake to save the lizard. In the next pico second, I figured I was in air making my flight towards the concrete floor.

I fell. Got hurt a bit.

Now if you apply basic laws of motion, you can easily see that something went wrong.
Yes, it did. Not the laws of motion, but my common sense.

I forgot that here, the rear breaks are at the right and front at the left. Exact opposite of what happens in India. So, by impulse, my brain decided to apply the "rear brake" which it thought was at the left, effectively applying only the front brakes on a brand new cycle while taking a turn trying to frantically save a lizard.

That lizard better "live happily ever after", for I tore my favorite track pant trying to save it.

Incidentally, my brother too had a fall recently from his bike due to malfunctioning paddles ( They literally fell off) and hurt himself pretty badly.

"I had a fall and was dragged on the road,
I am now running on recovery mode."
--Purnateja ( My Brother, Linux Fan )


Abhijit Pai said...

"Indain" ? You're far.

Abhijit Pai said...


Devadutta D Ghat said...

@abhijit: Sorry, correction applied :)