Friday, August 17, 2007

A cyclic story

My first cycle( bi-cycle, we call it cycle ) was called "Tobo Cycle". Whilst other kids rode a tri-cycle, I used to ride this awesome machine(for the other kids) which had only two wheels and a chain drive.
After I grew too big for that bike, I used to go rent cycles for 50 Paisa/Hour and roam all around Malleshwaram, Yvallikaval and Kodandarama pura at mad speeds.

The first adult size cycle I had for myself was not mine. It was my mother's. It was a BSA SLR and it had a slanting bar, making it a "ladies cycle". It was at least thrice my size. By the time I grew to half the cycle's size, my mom decided to give it to my cousin, with the promise of getting me a new cycle. ( She destroyed by it by mishandling :( )

So, for like a year, all I did was to think about cycles, which one would be better, which one to buy, an ATB which had huge tires or a BSA SLR which has small tires. I was fascinated by the "Shock absorbers" on the cycles. "Shimono" gears with grip shift were absolute masterpieces for a cycle. It was a dream of dreams!

But, finally, I bought a "Hero Ranger" which was a more realistic ATB cycle, with no gears/shock absorbers. I was disappointed a bit, but I loved that cycle. I still have it in my home.

The whole funda behind narrating this story is that I finally bought a bike with 21 speed gears, grip shift, front and rear shock absorbers, aluminum frame and killer looks. Check it out.

It has shock absorbers at the front,

At the back

Grip Shift

21 speed gears!!

Another view of the beauty!

Basically, this bike has everything I was drooling over as a kid!!
But it still is not perfect, as it does not have disc breaks. I could not find a cycle with disc breaks, but I will buy them and fit it myself. After that, this cycle will be a "Pushpak Vimaan" :)

Current music: Alex Gaudino, Destination Calabria. This song has an interesting video, which you can watch on youtube. But, be warned, it is not very suitable for family viewing.


Abhijit Pai said...

"disk breaks" ?

hema said...

hahaha... Pai got here before me.. but yeah, "Disk Breaks"??

Devadutta D Ghat said...

yeah! "Disk breaks"!!
Dont tell me you havent seen a cycle fitted with disk breaks!!

hema said...

i might be wrong.. but i thought they were spelt as disc brakes :P

Devadutta D Ghat said...

@hema and abhijit:
disc and disk can be used interchangeably with "disc" being British spelling and "disk" the American spelling.

Even the British used to spell their current "disc" as "disk" in earlier times.

So, basically we have both "hard disk" and "compact disc", incidentally the "disk" in "disc breakes" is "disc" instead of "disk" because of it being invented in England, so I will stick to "disc".

Thanks for the correction

Prabhu Infant said...

Dude! It's awesome!
As you own it, I am pretty sure you have a GPS on it!