Monday, December 03, 2007

Boiled Brains

We recently hit 100 questions on I dint know how much bb had influenced me until this happened today.

I was peeling an onion to prepare one of my cooking masterpieces ( I get the color of the final product always right. The taste however always remains at none ). When one of the peeled skins looked like this

My immediate reaction was: "Hey this looks like an Interrupted sinusoidal map (projection of a sphere), which makes an awesome question for bb!!"

Update(After approx 15 mins): I just realized that by posting this entry, I killed the question. Damn!

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Prabhu Infant said...

Hey hero,
About the post on my blog. Actually Offlate I have been shifting and there was no access to the net. Finally I am back with Dataone up. Hopefully I shall be blogging and updating content on my site.. :-)