Saturday, February 09, 2008

Phonetastic -- The history edition

I started with a Nokia 1100. I loved it. The Flashlight on it is the one of the most innovative things I have ever seen. I used it for a lot of out-going calls, which is thoroughly atypical for an Indian mobile user. The reason was that BSNL had out-going call charges lesser than an SMS.
Went on to get a Moto C155. Used it more as an alarm clock than a phone.

Got a Blackjack. Loved this phone too. But, changed it for the better.
Enters iPhone 1
Something happened, and I switched to MOTO RAZR V3. Was feeling very okward using this phone after using the iPhone. But the RAZR is too cool for a phone. Its really light and has a very ergonomic grip.

Switched again. Back to iPhone.
Thus, ladies and gentlemen, we present iPhone 1.1 along with BoiledBeans on the homepage!