Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sona Masuri: motivation behind the name

Today, I bought a 9.0718474 kilogram(I refuse to use imperial units) bag of Sona Masuri rice for USD 25, which used to cost USD 8.99 just a month ago. This, as I understand, is caused by the export ban in India, which will be reverted sooner or later, so I was clam until I saw some "notices" shabbily written on A4 paper stuck all around the Indian store.

It read:
"Only one bag of Sona Masuri rice per family"

"You need to buy minimum $20 groceries if you want to buy a bag of Sona Masuri"

"If you want a bag of Sona Masuri rice, you need to get a HD video encoded in h264 showing a 1920 Austin Twenty Touring car driven by your pet Blue Paul Terrier dog with your wife sitting in the back seat beside a Unicorn."

Ok, I made up the last one, but still.. what on earth!
I am sure there are laws which prohibit them from setting up pre-requisites for buying food!

Does anyone know about such a law?

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