Monday, September 22, 2008

I watch too many random movies

Long long ago, so long ago that TV had only Doordarshan and film songs played only once a week on "Chitrahaar" from 7-7:30pm and families were so big that around 20 people gathered around one TV to watch it, a Kannada movie called "Tanikhe(ತನಿಖೆ)" had come out. The movie was so bad that it was good. The hero's dance for the song "Daam Daam Diga Diga(ಡಾಂ ಡಾಂ ಡಿಗಾ ಡಿಗಾ)" was an unforgettable masterpiece of a performance. We literally used to wait for his song to play on "Chitrahaar" and laugh our heads off.

Today, things have changed, but a lot has remained the same. I still watch so many random movies that I had to write a widget to keep track of it!

Thus, ladies and gents, I present the yet to be named widget to your right...
*at this point, i expect you to be shedding tears of joy and applauding profusely*

Some of you might have noticed the thing coming up and going off which was largely because of my lazy self trying to code and test php, JavaScript and ajax live on the web server.

and of course, the image on top is of it running on my phone..

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