Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pico de gallo

Today, I had my first Salsa lesson. When the instructor made me oscillate my hips like a pendulum, I went hysterical. To add to the awkwardness, every last person in the ballroom stared at me at least once with a "what the heck are you wearing a Led-Zep t-shirt in a salsa class for?" clearly written on their face in {weight: bold; text-decoration: underline; font-size: 10000pt}.

Anyway, I did not want to be rude by leaving the hall when the lesson was in progress and just kept shaking my hips and felt totally freaking gay until.. UNTIL we were assigned partners :) The instructor told us that the men are called the "leaders" and women the "followers". He told the ladies that they need to follow the man, even if he is screwing up. He told us that we were responsible to take care of the ladies not only on the dance floor, but also in real life. Suddenly, there was a boost in testosterone levels and the Latino music started to make my hips shake on its own. I started feeling happy and not gay :) 

So, there you go ladies... the next time we meet, you know that I know salsa. Do not hesitate to ask for a dance!

p.s: Cant wait for the next dance session!

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