Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You know you are growing old when..

  1. You start using Word over LaTeX to typeset your documents
  2. You start taking the stairs at work saying "its good excercise", which actually is the only excercise you get all day
  3. You start looking straight at the street while driving your car, instead of looking at the birds and colors on the sidewalk. ( You are afraid of increasing insurance premium.. )
  4. You start maintaining spreadsheets for all sorts of arbitrary things like "What do I cook this week" and have columns like "Estimated effort time"
  5. You start analyzing the utility of a hack before doing it.
The picture you see above is that of the "remote birthday bumps" my friends Hema, Srikanth and Abhijit sent me. I had heard of remote girlfriends, remote pets, remote assistants and even remote wife(s), but this is quite ingenious and awesome.

Thanks guys!

For the record, I don't look at the road while driving ;)

p.s: This post should have come up on July 15th, but I did not get this "gift" until recently.

1 comment:

Hema said...

Can you send a pic where you are in those shorts or am i asking for too much ;)