Friday, September 24, 2010

This is how North Indians see South India..

..and they think the only language we speak in south India is Tamil.
Which, needless to say, makes us (Bangaloreans) furious.

So, to not to be left behind on the stereotyping bandwagon, We Bangaloreans have our own way of looking at North India.

Even though we have learned Hindi till 10th Standard and know more pure Hindi words than an average Hindi speaker;
Even though we have mugged lessons from Indian geography until we started seeing nightmares with monsters named after Indian states;
Even though we listen to more Hindi music than Kannada music,

This is how we view "North India"

How a Bangalorean sees North India..

P.S: Take this with a grain of salt. A lot more of it, actually. :)

Before you send hate mails and comments, please realize this is just a JOKE. That's what it means when someone tells you to take something "with a grain of salt".

Disclaimer: This post is intended to be a joke, DO NOT take it seriously. KTHXBAI


Last word of Motto of Indian Navy said...

You made a lot more different Northern states than I expected after seeing the "North viewing South".
I also expected you'd have some graphics for the North like for the South you had those idly and ortho-brahmin-faces.
AGood one.

Hema said...

Sooooooo true! When i went to some place in HP once, someone asked me where i was from. i explained for some 15 mins, no use. Finally i mentioned "madras" and his face started glowing with realisation!

Oh and the 2nd bit, totally agree! i cant remember a single new state that was added after i finished school :-|

Anonymous said...

i'm a north Indian and aware of the south Indian states, where as most of my southie roomies don't know that maharashtra and gujarat r in western part of India. they think guj n maha. r in nothern India. i don't think a north Indian can beat that!

AJ said...

Holy shite!

This is an almost exact representation of a running joke that I and a friend have had for a few years now!

I'm from the North and call him a Madrasi (even though he's not) and he calls me a Bihari (even though I'm not) simply for the lulz of this stereotype :))

I love this..

AJ said...

If you don't mind, can I repost the images to my blog with a link back to your original post?

ಅನಂತ್... alias ಅಂಥ್ರೋಪೋನಿಂ said...


Second Hema's comment. Btw Dev, I was expecting fewer states. I wasn't expecting people "who eat sweets for breakfast". And Commies and Puri is practically one state :P.

You could also replace Bombay with "Hates Bihar". ;) More Bihar.

HeebieJeebies said...

Its difficult to be surprised at this. Most of South India was known as "The Madras Province" till the late 50s. Its probably just like how most of the farmers in India have never heard of the N number of "Yojanas" introduced by the GOI.

I say, whenever one comes across such a character, take some time and make them learn about South India.

Now, me being a foodie, Id go something like this.
J&K - Waazwan

Bihar - Thousands of yummy goats and sheep killed in front of Blood thirsty Gods and served as prasad.

Rajasthan - Bhaang and daal bhaati

Bombay - Chaats/Vada Pav/Kande Pohe

WB - Rasgolla

Punjab - Of course the punjabi food especially the paneer stuffed naan.

and finally The North East for their yummiest pork dishes in the history of human civilization.

**Picture of Homer salivating**

Ending with a question: How come most of the northies do not know how to pronounce "DOSA". The always start with the phonetic "D". Whats up with that?

gokul said...

lol...even though we are in the same country we are a world apart.As a south indian i do struggle hard to communicate with northie friends in college,that is because they usually always look at south indians,assume that we can speak hindi just because someone called it our "national language",and start talking.Even their english is messed up!!! and the people i am talking about are from DPS.And finally all the hindi that i can muster word to word is cleaner and clearer than their hindi...its like hindi developed its own dialects when i was struggling to pass it in 10th grade..well if u are one of those hindi fluent south indian or a northie..i'm sorry,dont take offense if what i am saying is competely or partially untrue..because after all i am a south indian and am blissfully ignorant of north india(which i have not visited,but have very much eaten their food :) )

Karthik[:)] said...

Perfect representation from both the point of view
Keep having this sort of arguments with my bunch of friends....Never ending argument though I must say :)

Neeraj said...

This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Boss(I am referring to this Blog Owner), I think you are telling something which a person would have thought of 20 years back (may be in 1990s). Educated Indian people now have a Global thinking and this Topic looks silly to me. No one absolutely cares about this. There are more states in the U.S. than in India. Do you know how a New Hampshire (Northern Most State in the US) Guy would assume a Texas (Southern Most State) Guy !!! :) Please stop this racist stuff within the country. We are not in 1980s or 1990s when only Doordarshan was there. This is 2012 !!!! :)

Tarini Tamhane said...

Hey !! Marathi and Gujarati people are not North indians !! And you should've added vada pay to maharashtra and dhokla to gujarat if we just want to stereotype for fun :P

Anonymous said...

i think there is also a east and west india whose people having diffrent perception towards everything. West india is maharastra and gujrat and east india is odisha and w.b. . i am from odisha and i am not a north indian(they speak hindi), i am a east indian.

Gujarati NRI said...

Gujarat is in West India, not North India. South Indians should realize that it isn't just North and South, there's East and West too. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Maharashtra and Goa are in between West and South, while Rajasthan is in between West and North. But my state Gujarat has a category of its own separate from all parts of India, which is West India. Please respect that!