Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perform for your audience

I had a stroke of realization.

In life, you have to always know your audience and perform for them. Exemplī grātiā, if you go into a stadium filled with people waiting to hear a metal concert and decide to sing "Ambiga naa ninna nambide" in "Mishra Chaapu Taala" just because you want to make a point about the impact of Haridasa Sahitya on music in Karnataka, then you will not only be pelted off the stage, but you will also feel really depressed and talent-less.

The problem here is not the lack of talent. The problem is that of bad application of talent.
This very same problem causes a lot of complaining in this world. Manager issues, Wife issues, Life issues, Family issues. The root of all these issues is that you did not understand your audience in one of your previous performances. This led to one problem and your refusal to change your performance or to go and perform in front of a different audience caused a <SS>series of mistakes</SS> which took you on a slippery spiral down to hell.

There is a meta-talent that is required to figure out where your talent will be useful. If you insist that you will do you own thing and apply your talent in a completely unfit place, you will come through as just a mindless rebel. You will sulk for the major part of your life wondering why you do not get what you want.

There sure are a number of very famous rebellions triggered by just one man. Yes. But the probability that you are that person is at least one in a Billion if not lesser! On the contrary, if you understand what your evaluator is expecting out of the exam and do exactly that, you will win for sure.

Many great men have tried to explain the secret to life in one line. For example, the Buddha said desire was the root cause of misery. Sri Krishna said do your job and forget about results. Swami Vivekananda said set a goal and work until you get there.

This is my shot at explaining life: Know your audience and perform for them. 

If you have the luxury of changing or leaving an audience that you cannot perform to, do it while you still have a chance. Run like hell. Run from them. Else, your life will be just one bad performance after another. And you can go only so far before completely giving up.


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Very inspiring line!!

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Very well said!