Thursday, January 16, 2014

8 Food Items That Defined Your Childhood In Bangalore

1. Totapuri mavinkayi with kharada pudi - Summers cannot be summers without these

2. Nallikayi - Tastes best when obtained from your neighbor's tree without permission

3. Mewad Ice cream - The questionable water source actually made this more tasty

4. Dil Kush, Dil Pasand, Sweet Bun, Kahara Bun and Aloo Bun - Get it from the Iyengar's bakery.

5. Apple Cake - Wonder what made these things so addictive.

6. Bendu Battas at Kadalekai Parishe - Bull Temple Road is legendary.

7. Beysida Kadalekai - How can you possibly waste time in a park without these?

8. Jola - The crackling noise it makes when it is getting baked just increases anticipation. And the questionable green chutney smeared on it, elevates the taste to heavenly levels.


Anonymous said...

Where are the remaining 52 ?I was just beginning to drift into my childhood but was dragged back to reality by this abrupt ending.. I demand what was promised and compensation for aase thorse mosa madidake

prash said...

What abt ctr beene dose ? And asha's cold badam milk ?